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How might Boards disrupt the Disruption - Disruptive Due Diligence

“All disruption starts with introspection. Self-disruption is akin to undergoing major surgery, but you are the one holding the scalpel”. - Robin Sharma

Delivery Options

  • Breakfast or lunch presentation (1 hour)
  • Conference Presentation (1 hour)
  • Master Class (half day)
  • Coaching sessions around content

Brief summary

Today’s board was largely formatted after the Industrial Revolution so it’s hardly surprising that it's out of synch with the Information Age. If boards are going to stay ahead of the curve they must compute how that model might develop over the next decade. This presentation will empower participants to understand the imperative for maximising Disruptive Potentiality. It starts with the Board and cascades through culture into processes, procedures and protocols. A call for a paradigm shift will be delivered through the accessible lens of Integral and Developmental Theory and linked to numerous case studies from years of facilitating Board, Chair and CEO performance reviews.

Key ideas covered

  • A brief, concise exploration of the discourse around Disruption and how it’s evolved over the last 15 years.
  • Global Leadership is Struggling - the VUCA + D dilemma
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • The Cost of the Failure of Leadership
  • Is the Board itself heading for a Kodak Moment?
  • Adaptive imperative to maximise capability to manage VUCAD
  • Psychological and Sociological Disruption
  • Culture creates the tech and tech creates the culture
  • The Brave New Board

Key objectives - the participants will get

  • Why boards need to understand this wave and how to use that knowledge to maximise their capability.
  • How the discourse on Technological Disruption might be applied to the Behavioural and Organisational domain.
  • Three board space engagements to ignite developmental shift
  • Director Disruption begins with a question
  • Illustrations from several case studies and the role Disruption played in Boardroom dynamics including CEO and Director termination, reconfiguration of Strategy, Risk and Skill Audits 

Delivery mode

  • Brief TED Presentation style format with minimal Power Point outline.
  • Informational, anecdotal case studies but evidenced-based
  • Q and A Interactive (particularly if the assessment task if completed by participant

I have known Robert Gordon for many years and have met few people who can match his energy, drive, perceptiveness and vision. For some years now he has channeled these qualities into assisting the senior management and boards of numerous companies to gain deeper insight into themselves and their intra company relationships to produce truly transformational change. His conference presentations on inspirational leadership and mindfulness have seen Robert develop a reputation as second to none in this field.‬‬. 

Dr David Cooke
Chairman & Managing Director
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Aust

Robert Gordon was invited By INSEAD faculty to deliver a Webinar on the topic –
‘How Might Boards Disrupt the Disruption’ ?
from it’s Singaporean Campus (for the International Director Program) Alumni, globally in November 2016 

Robert Gordon was engaged to work with the Basketball WA to review its Board governance and effectiveness. Understandably, some of the directors initially displayed an element of scepticism with respect to the value of such an exercise.
Robert’s knowledge, professionalism and inter-personal skills resulted in the directors gaining considerable insight into both their own contributions to the Board and the functionality and effectiveness of the Board as a collective.

I would recommend Robert to any organisation looking to gain valuable insights into the operations of its Board and areas where improvements can be made for the benefit of both the Board and the organisation as a whole.

Rick Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Basketball WA

I have worked with Robert through a number of organisations and in a range of capacities, with his roles covering direct leadership & Governance, organisational invigilation, change management, mentoring and planning. At all times Robert has proven himself to be a critical thinker and outstanding communicator and has managed to reveal (and resolve) difficult deep rooted issues for organisations and boards.

Ultimately it is his ability to remind or rekindle an organisation or board of its raison d'être that is most significant‬.‬‬

Tony Bonney
Director - Festival of Voices Tasmania
Secretary - Tasmanian Creative Industry Council