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Here are a list of recent events at which Robert has delivered presentations:
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Indonesian Academic Study Tour09-Dec-2016

Quality People Deliver Quality Assurance - The capacity to deliver effective Quality Assurance requires the organisation’s employe..

INSEAD -- Live Webinar for IDPN Members 201610-Nov-2016

How might boards disrupt the disruption? - In the current global climate of VUCAD, (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and d..

Singapore Institute of Directors 201607-Sep-2016

Boardroom Evaluation - A Board, Chairman, CEO or a management review, when strategically designed and skillfully delivered, can assist board..

Buddhist Society of Western Australia 201626-Aug-2016

Dhamma in a Disruptive Age - Back by popular demand and with a special introduction from the President! Robert Gordon is the fou..

CFA Society Singapore 201603-Aug-2016

Dealing with Damn Difficult Directors, Colleagues and Clients - "Anyone can be angry … That is easy! But to be angry with the right p..

Better Boards Conference, Brisbane 201607-Jul-2016

Mindfulness: Governance with Passion, Purpose & Presence - Robert demonstrates how mindfulness practices contribute to the personal ..

Better Boards Conference 201524-Jul-2015

The Chair, The Board and the CEO: When Passion and Purpose Collide - Game On! - Addressing the major fault lines in chair and board inte..

Better Boards Conference 201401-Aug-2014

Dealing with damn difficult directors - The clash of 'egos', inability to read people and situations, poor communication capability and inef..

"There's definitely a growing appreciation of the need to take climate change into account and sign off on genuine, rather than perfunctory policies and practices, in relation to this. However, there is also a growing imperative for boards to understand and capitalise on the tsunami of disruptive technologies and innovations that are on the horizon in response to climate change."
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly, March 2016 – A Two Degree World

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