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Here are a list of recent events at which Robert has delivered presentations:
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Indonesian Academic Study Tour09-Dec-2016

Quality People Deliver Quality Assurance - The capacity to deliver effective Quality Assurance requires the organisation’s employe..

INSEAD -- Live Webinar for IDPN Members 201610-Nov-2016

How might boards disrupt the disruption? - In the current global climate of VUCAD, (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and d..

Singapore Institute of Directors 201607-Sep-2016

Boardroom Evaluation - A Board, Chairman, CEO or a management review, when strategically designed and skillfully delivered, can assist board..

Buddhist Society of Western Australia 201626-Aug-2016

Dhamma in a Disruptive Age - Back by popular demand and with a special introduction from the President! Robert Gordon is the fou..

CFA Society Singapore 201603-Aug-2016

Dealing with Damn Difficult Directors, Colleagues and Clients - "Anyone can be angry … That is easy! But to be angry with the right p..

Better Boards Conference, Brisbane 201607-Jul-2016

Mindfulness: Governance with Passion, Purpose & Presence - Robert demonstrates how mindfulness practices contribute to the personal ..

Better Boards Conference 201524-Jul-2015

The Chair, The Board and the CEO: When Passion and Purpose Collide - Game On! - Addressing the major fault lines in chair and board inte..

Better Boards Conference 201401-Aug-2014

Dealing with damn difficult directors - The clash of 'egos', inability to read people and situations, poor communication capability and inef..

"Most of the cultural diversity we hear about is still limited to multicultural community groups. It is time to think beyond that. For example, we need to have comprehensive 10-year programs in place that can develop the emerging generation of professional indigenous adults so that they can make a contribution in the mainstream board space."
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly, Sept 2014 – Putting the Board under the Microscope

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