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Mindfulness in the Corporation – another management fad or the real thing?

“I think the next wave of what is actually happening in Silicon Valley is this wave of meditative awareness. People are realizing, 'I have optimized my machines, my software...' yet we are beginning to realize that no matter how great a technological device we buy or how great our network is, the real source of potential is in ourselves."
- Chris Sacca, Venture Investor, Strategic Adviser, Twitter

Delivery Options

  • Breakfast or lunch presentation (1 hour)
  • Conference Presentation (1 hour)
  • Master Class (half day)
  • Coaching sessions around content

Brief summary

Supported by voluminous evidence-based studies, Mindfulness training,and in particular its contemplative aspect, Meditation, is making a massive
exodus out of the meditation hall and into the corporation. This presentation will reveal why Mindfulness has all the hallmarks of ‘an idea whose time has come’ as the corporate world embraces it and monitors the positive outcomes for people and performance and outcomes.

Apple Computers, Twitter, eBay, SKYPE, Facebook, Cisco Systems, Yahoo, Google GE and Deutsche Bank and many more have introduced in-house Meditation and Mindfulness programs for executives and employees. Mindfulness is now taught in many elite international business schools globally.

This presentation will profile Mindfulness and its most widely practiced methodology, Meditation, and why corporates are queuing up to learn and integrate it into HR Wellness programs and as a means of creating healthier and more innovative strategic thinkers.

Key ideas

  • Mindfulness and meditation explained
  • An historical perspective/ growth of secular context
  • A medical model of meditation – stress/relaxation reflex
  • Brief review of the voluminous research on meditation’s positive effects on mind, body, behaviour and social interaction
  • Case Studies – Referencing of meditation programs in the Corporation
  • Implications of regular practice on personal and professional life
  • Guided meditation experience (15mins) and interactive debrief.
  • Resources (books, online etc) to leverage off the presentation

Key objectives - the participants will get –


  • A clear understanding and rational explanation of Mindfulness/meditation.
  • Numerous significant benefits to assist dealing with the pressures of modern life, maximizing capability and improving self and situational awareness of corporates
  • Practice
  • A guided group meditation experience and debrief based on participants’ experience.

Delivery mode -

  • Brief TED Presentation style format with minimal Power Point outline.
  • Informal but academic
  • Interactive – guided meditation
  • Q and A

Whether it be in the training room or the board room, Robert delivers a professional and experiential Executive Mindfulness program. His wealth of knowledge, inner wisdom and personal commitment to daily meditation is outstanding and honours what he is all about. His seminar is a recommended and a very valuable addition to any Corporate Wellness Program.  

Karen Smith 
Corporate Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Robert has been a regular speaker at the Better Boards Conference for several years. He always brings great energy and enthusiasm to his presentations, which are not only informative but also enjoyable. His presentations always push attendees to think about their current leadership challenges in new and unique ways. In their feedback many attendees regularly highlight the practical nature of Robert’s advice and insights.

Entrepreneur. Strategist. Creator. Design Think‬  
Better Board Conference Committee

I attended a presentation by Robert and was impressed with his knowledge and ability in presenting the theory and techniques of mindfulness. Not the easiest of subjects to introduce to a broad range of recipients but Robert's interactive presentation was effective and useful.‬‬

NSW Aust

Robert is the foremost expert in mindfulness. He is one of the brightest, wisest and most intelligent consultants I ever know! His ability to analyse life from another perception and his capacity to give right-on-the-point advice is amazing. In a nutshell, Robert is impressive! ‬

Valerie Tripier
Human Resources Manager 
Indigo Hotels‬ - Mauritius

Focal Point Management Consultants has been in the business of providing training services to financial services companies in Malaysia since 2001. We were fortunate to work in concert with Mr Robert Gordon of Australia for a conference that registered 1800 delegates on June 13-15, 2008.

Robert exemplifies a true professional before, during and after the conference and is able to draw from his vast life and professional experience to engage his audience. His presentations on Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Personal Breakthrough were exceptionally well received by fresh insurance advisors and also senior managers.

We are certain to work with Robert again for future assignments. 

Khor HH
CEO Focal Point Management 
KL Malaysia