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Developmental Coaching

Most Reviews fail to consider the personal and professional development needs of directors and executives. Board Accord coaching develops the Director personally and professionally to -

Developmental Coaching

  • shift from Good to Great
  • maximise resilience to do less and accomplish more
  • evaluate career goals and professional development pathways 
  • develop networking and collaborative allegiance

A.BRAIN Consulting is one of the most successful training-and-development service providers in the modern Chinese economy. The content and delivery of your corporate coaching is excellent and is very much in demand in China. A.BRAIN is very excited to collaborate in making their programs more available to our clients in China.

Amy Wang General Manager
A. BRAIN Management Consultants Co. Ltd.,
Shanghai, China

One impressive aspect of this consulting is that it doesn't draw a line between work and home. The content addresses one of the most controversial topics in the workplace of the new Chinese millennium - how to balance work and home. 

Guan Jingjun
Master of Counselling MBA
Kinghao Group Beijing China

"There's definitely a growing appreciation of the need to take climate change into account and sign off on genuine, rather than perfunctory policies and practices, in relation to this. However, there is also a growing imperative for boards to understand and capitalise on the tsunami of disruptive technologies and innovations that are on the horizon in response to climate change."
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly, March 2016 – A Two Degree World

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