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One 30 Minute Online Metric

One 30 Minute Online Metric
  • An anonymous, online, self and peer assessment, profiling individuals and teams
  • Informs an authentic conversation around organisational enablers – leadership, people, partnership and process. 
  • A behavioural snapshot that captures, monitors and informs ongoing trends that become part of the fabric of the organisation. 
  • Reveals and remediates interpersonal tensions 
  • Ignites conversations re purpose, behavioural style and contribution
  • Monitors alignment of vision and strategy against business activity and performance and governance against strategic goals
  • Equips leaders to clarify purpose, meaning and strategy 
  • Confers certainty in decision-making
  • Enables individuals to personally and professionally develop

NOTE – The BoardAudit includes a unique sociometric algorithm that accurately measures and maps team dynamics.

"A good review will be one that re-energises the people around the table. That’s why it’s crucial to get buy-in from all participants, for the process itself and for following up on recommendations"
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly, Oct 2013

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