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How we do it differently

A Board Accord Review is informed by -
  • Research and evidence-based best practice in boardroom dynamics, process, governance and evaluation
  • Experience – 3 decades training and consulting, globally (see testimonials)
  • Social and Organisational Psychology, Appreciative Enquiry, Mindfulness, EQ and Integral and Developmental Theory.

A Board Accord Review cultivates –

1. Reflection and Self and Situational Awareness to -

  • manage emotions in self and others 
  • adapt, innovate and contribute
  • prioritise and focus attention mindfully
  • challenge when appropriate
  • execute decision-making with greater ease and capability

2. Relationship –

  • Alignment of individuals within the team and alignment of the team with the mission 
  • One director, negatively engaged, is a critical loss of contributing talent.

3. Results

  • Measuring performance and facilitating an authentic conversation around values, culture, aspirations, communication, relationships, the business model, the environment, success factors, driver strategies, opportunities and challenges. 

"Boardroom breakdowns don't happen overnight. Yale's Jeff Sonnenfeld says that healthy boards exemplify a virtuous cycle of respect, trust and candour which, when it goes awry, can turn into a vicious cycle where all three are lost. Early intervention can prevent the downward spiral and, done routinely, an externally led annual review can provide the invaluable 'stitch in time'".
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly. September 2015 – Appraising Board Form

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