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How we do it differently

A Board Accord Review is informed by -
  • Research and evidence-based best practice in boardroom dynamics, process, governance and evaluation
  • Experience – 3 decades training and consulting, globally (see testimonials)
  • Social and Organisational Psychology, Appreciative Enquiry, Mindfulness, EQ and Integral and Developmental Theory.

A Board Accord Review cultivates –

1. Reflection and Self and Situational Awareness to -

  • manage emotions in self and others 
  • adapt, innovate and contribute
  • prioritise and focus attention mindfully
  • challenge when appropriate
  • execute decision-making with greater ease and capability

2. Relationship –

  • Alignment of individuals within the team and alignment of the team with the mission 
  • One director, negatively engaged, is a critical loss of contributing talent.

3. Results

  • Measuring performance and facilitating an authentic conversation around values, culture, aspirations, communication, relationships, the business model, the environment, success factors, driver strategies, opportunities and challenges. 

There is a strong imperative to move beyond parochial thinking. Directors, executives, consultants, and the professional associations must increasingly embrace a global perspective if they are to maintain competitiveness."
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly, Sept 2014 – Putting the Board under the Microscope

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