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We Do It Differently  

Board Accord empowers boards to negotiate global Volatility, Complexity, Uncertainty, Disruption and Compliance

We Do It Differently Board Accord delivers –
  • Board, Chair, CEO and Executive Team Reviews
  • Director coaching
  • Board PD Sessions
  • Presentations at Conferences and Universities
  • Director Placement
  • Can management and shareholders say, without hesitation, how your board delivers value?
  • Is your board a cohort of individuals whose values and aspirations are aligned?
  • Have directors mastered ‘soft’ skill literacy to interrogate, articulate, evaluate and execute ‘hard’ skills?
  • Do they understand the power of ‘Disruptive thinking’ to generate creative solutions from challenges?
  • Are they engaged in ongoing personal and professional development? 
  • Do they recognize the transformational power of an externally-led review process?

"The cultural dynamic of the boardroom and C Suite is challenging, often poorly understood and a major causative factor in unaligned or dysfunctional boards. We’re seeing increasing recognition of the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), psychological and behavioural typologies,"
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly, Sept 2014 – Putting the Board under the Microscope

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