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Chair and CEO – when Purpose and Passion collide – Game on!

“A startling 86% of respondents agree we have a leadership crisis in the world today.”
World Economic Forum Global Agenda Outlook 2016

Brief summary

This topic fills the room at a conference. It gets interesting when the Chair and CEO are both present!

To thrive in an organization in the 21st century Global economy requires unprecedented leadership capacity and delivery, individually and collectively.
An IBM Global Survey found the majority of CEOs expect business complexity is going to increase and more than half doubt their ability to manage it.

The aligned leadership of Board, Chair and CEO are critical components of any successful organisation. Good, passionate, purposeful Governance creates elite organisations but rests on CEO, Chair and Board performance and their ability to work together. When they are reading off the same page, organisations flourish.

When they collide it can create organizational chaos.
This presentation will explore the chair/CEO/board dynamic and what happens when they work and what happens when they break down. And what to do about it!

Delivery Options

  • Breakfast or lunch presentation (1 hour)
  • Conference Presentation (1 hour)
  • Master Class (half day)
  • Coaching sessions around content

Key Ideas Covered

  • What drives purpose and passion and why they can collide
  • Contentious governance issues and personality clashes
  • Board, Chair and CEO roles, definitions and boundaries
  • Managing and micro managing, delegation and abdication
  • High profile case studies from the international stage
  • Case studies from the consultant’s work in the last 12 months
  • Professional and personal Development to move from collision to co-operation

Key Objectives – What the audience will get out of it

  • Provide strategies for participants to stabilise and maintain synergistic relationships
  • Support participants to recognise very natural and common points of conflict (especially around Strategy Formulation, Ownership, Delivery, Correction and Oversight).
  • Suggest competencies to restore shared purpose and passion.
  • Identify what are the situations and scenarios, particularly around Strategy and Oversight that can create problems when unaligned purpose and passion collide.

Delivery mode

  • Brief TED Presentation style format with minimal Power Point outline.
  • Informational, anecdotal case studies but evidenced-based
  • Q and A Interactive

Robert has an ability to understand the connection between each individual and the organisation, and how they both relate to the whole environment, in a very clear way. This facilitates the alignment of individual needs and goals with those of the organisation and helps align both with the environment in which they operate.

Phillip Jackson B.Juris,LLB,MBA, FAICD
Resource Industry Lawyer
Western Australian Company Director

Robert Gordon has a unique ability to motivate staff with compelling reasons for positively modifying their behaviour. In response to his presentation our leaders are now far more focused on activities that add value to the business than ever before. Armed with these strategies, Robert demonstrated to everyone that the only thing that prevents us manifesting success is self-belief...there are no excuses.

Frank Arangio
National Sales Director
Swan Brewery Company Pty Ltd. - Lion Nathan


I must thank you again for the two days consulting. We learnt so much and already putting into practice both at work and at home. All our leaders benefitted so much from the training.

Sala Mataikabara-Vuiyasawa
Pacific Plan Office  - Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
Suva Fiji Islands

In 2014, Board Accord conducted a review of the board and senior management of Community Based Services (CBS), a medium-sized non-government organisation in Hobart delivering services to the frail-aged and disabled. There was a mix of apprehension and excitement from both groups about the Review but it was highly successful with both teams learning more about their roles and responsibilities and how to work together for the good of the organisation.

BA worked individually and with teams and there have been many positive comments positioning our organisation on a firm footing to plan for an exciting future. BA presented the findings to our AGM, members and guests commented they are impressed by how CBS is moving forward with confidence.. I have no hesitation recommending BA to any organisation looking to improve governance and alignment of board and management.

The work with CBS will, I believe, be transformational for us and we will embark on an upward journey into an uncertain future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Chairman Langford Support Services‬

Robert is an experienced, knowledgeable and insightful advisor to Boards. He brings a depth of perspective and skills to those areas of Board behaviour that are often glossed over, but are critical to effectiveness i.e. the relationships between Board members, the capacity for open dialogue, the subtleties of governance and the discipline of taking up a strategic role. Robert provides detailed, objective Board assessments and feedback, but is also very experienced in working with Boards on building capacity‬.