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Robert Gordon assisted my Board finding answers to some difficult questions.

He facilitated an environment of non-adversarial discussion to profile the chemistry of the Board. Confidential interviews followed and he succeeded in keeping all members united during the process.

This process will assist any Director negotiating peer assessment and issues can be resolved without surprise resulting in a more productive and aligned board.

I highly recommend the unique professional skills that Robert brings to the sensitivities of problem solving at Board level.

Ian W King FAICD
Chairman of the Board
Geraldton Port Authority

I have been a director of CBH for 12 years. A co operative is a very dynamic, challenging and constantly evolving business entity and the preferred strategies and structures are often hotly debated. I have been significantly involved in several difficult strategy and structural transitions and it isn’t always plain sailing. Nevertheless, our dedicated team of directors and executives has succeeded in growing CBH to a world class Cooperative benefitting growers, communities and the nation.

I have observed many board consultants during my time and they mostly contribute value. However, none have attempted to understand and appreciate the complexities and value of the Cooperative business model to the extent as Robert Gordon. He is comfortable challenging behaviours when necessary, dedicated to appreciating every viewpoint and tireless in supporting ongoing alignment of directors, management and strategy. Robert lives and breathes his job with dedication and always goes the extra distance rarely seen in the majority of professionals today.

The board voted unanimously, extending his contract for another two years in recognition of this value.

Wally Newman
Chairman FAIC

It is important that both the Board as a whole and individual Directors take the time to review and improve their performance. Over the last three years, the Geraldton Port Authority conducted such a review, which provided essential information for enhancement and growth for each Director . This process was led by Robert Gordon. He impressed me with his knowledge of the Boardroom, the review process he implemented and ability to get the best out of each Director. I have no doubt the process raised the performance level of the Board.

Robert is a strong advocate for gender equity and has certainly assisted me greatly in my own professional development.

I have no hesitation in recommending Robert Gordon to any Board that wishes to take the journey on Board performance improvement. Robert is a conscientious, dedicated consultant that will bring out the best in any board environment.

Karen Godfrey
Deputy Chair
Geraldton Port Authority.

Robert Gordon was engaged to work with the Basketball WA to review its Board governance and effectiveness. Understandably, some of the directors initially displayed an element of scepticism with respect to the value of such an exercise.

Robert’s knowledge, professionalism and inter-personal skills resulted in the directors gaining considerable insight into both their own contributions to the Board and the functionality and effectiveness of the Board as a collective.

I would recommend Robert to any organisation looking to gain valuable insights into the operations of its Board and areas where improvements can be made for the benefit of both the Board and the organisation as a whole.

Rick Smith
Chief Executive Officer Basketball WA

“Robert Gordon’s business insights are brilliant, his corporate executive and board space consulting contributions are profitable and his bottom line results are quickly self-evident.”
Dr John Demartini
Founder of the Demartini Institute 
human behavioral specialist, educator and international best-selling author

Over a number of years I have worked with Robert on Boards/Executives that I have been a part of. At every instance Robert’s perseverance, professionalism and performance have added value to my organisations, most recently evidenced by the Board Assessment advice he provided at the WA Sports Federation in Perth, Western Australia in 2011 and 2012. He has been a pleasure to work with on all occasions at the 3 organisations he has helped me with improving
Michael Allenby BSc, FAICD
Tony Bonney –
Director - Festival of Voices Tasmania
Secretary - Tasmanian Creative Industry Council

"The ALC board, management team and staff, in collaboration with various stakeholders and the traditional owners, have begun to roll out stage one of an ambitious 15 year strategic plan that is dedicated to developing a unique, customised hybrid economy that will realise the sustainable economic, social and environmental aspirations of the traditional owners of Groote Eylandt. With that in mind, Board Accord was recruited to assist in building capacity of the board, chair, deputy chair, CEO and management team. Robert Gordon facilitated training sessions for staff, coaching for the leadership team, a CEO Review and presentations to the board. The sessions were highly successful and Robert's expertise in aligning individuals, board and management, with strategic purpose, has assisted us greatly in the initial stages of our journey. We look forward to further collaborations with BA in the future.
Mark Hewitt CEO
Anindilyakwa Land Council. Groote Eylandt.

I have been involved in three very different organisations that Robert has conducted reviews on, from a massive supply chain business to a State-based sporting association NFP. Robert's insight into Board and management dynamics on each was spot on, and his education and advice to both the Board as a whole, and the individual directors personally, is very valuable. He has a real passion for what he does, is constantly exploring new ideas and always delivers more than promised. His process for reviews is the best I have seen, and results in actionable ideas for improvement, rather than just ticking a corporate governance box. I highly recommend Robert for your Board or management review

Non-Executive Independent Director
St Barbara Ltd, Geraldton Fishermen's Cooperative and WA Super‬

Robert has conducted a number of Board performance reviews for us at the Midwest Ports Authority.
The process of successive pulse audits has allowed our board to map our alignment and performance over time by conducting a trend analysis.
Robert's work provides the directors and executive team with insightful feedback on the interpersonal dynamic performance of the board and its alignment on key matters reserved for the board such as finance, risk, strategy and governance
Bart Boelen, JP GAICD
Midwest Ports Authority

Robert is an experienced, knowledgeable and insightful advisor to Boards. He brings a depth of perspective and skills to those areas of Board behaviour that are often glossed over, but are critical to effectiveness i.e. the relationships between Board members, the capacity for open dialogue, the subtleties of governance and the discipline of taking up a strategic role. Robert provides detailed, objective Board assessments and feedback, but is also very experienced in working with Boards on building capacity‬

Chairman Langford Support Services‬

Whether it be in the training room or the board room, Robert delivers a professional and experiential Executive Mindfulness program. His wealth of knowledge, inner wisdom and personal commitment to daily meditation is outstanding and honours what he is all about. His seminar is a recommended and a very valuable addition to any Corporate Wellness Program.  
Karen Smith 
Corporate Health and Wellbeing Coordinator - WA Dept of Sport and Recreation


On behalf of the Research Committee I would like to express our appreciation for the series of presentations and workshops on Time/Stress Management you presented to faculty in the School of Policy Studies. The feedback from participants was very favourable and many noted that they found the content theoretically stimulating. Perhaps more importantly many commented that they were exposed to many very useful and practical strategies that they could adopt to increase the enjoyment and productivity of their lives. 
Professor Kim Chi Tran
School of Policy Studies
Kwansei Gakuin University, Kyoto Japan

On behalf of AUSCHAM, I would like to send a special thank and highly appreciation to your presence and cooperation for the business briefing/luncheon yesterday. You are excellent presenter. Your presentation has shown your deep knowledge and strong experience in that field. It was obvious that all guests coming to business seminar yesterday were interested and perceived valuable knowledge. It is great honour to have your continued support in the future events of AUSCHAM.
Thai Thuy Duong (Ms.)
Hanoi Chapter Manager
Australian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (AusCham)
Hanoi, Vietnam

After attending stress management seminars in the US, Europe and Asia I have to say that Robert Gordon’s seminars are second to none. His presentation is dynamic, concise, and thought provoking. Most importantly, he imparts in each attendee the desire and motivation to apply the essence of his teaching in real life situations. I strongly endorse his seminars.
Steven Tam President American Chamber of Commerce, China
Robert Gordon's seminar on Stress Management is world class. I strongly endorse and highly recommend his seminars to anyone in the modern corporate economy of China.
Jessica Li 
GCG Environment and Well Being Service Manager
Human Resources
IBM, Beijing, China

Excellent seminar. Your theory, methodology, experiences and stories will leave a lasting impression, and hopefully provide our executives with the know how to handle corporate stress.
Win Ma
Professional Development/Expertise Management
GCG Learning IBM China/Hong Kong Limited


I must thank you again for the two days consulting. We learnt so much and already putting into practice both at work and at home. All our leaders benefitted so much from the training.
Sala Mataikabara-Vuiyasawa
Pacific Plan Office  - Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
Suva Fiji Islands.

Robert Gordon’s consultancy enables clients to think outside the box and the generally accepted paradigms. While addressing the fundamentals of the business he collaborates with the client in reconstructing meaning and expanding their dimension of vision.
George P. Kailis 
Major Shareholder Company Director 
Kailis Consolidated Pty Ltd

Robert has an ability to understand the connection between each individual and the organisation, and how they both relate to the whole environment, in a very clear way. This facilitates the alignment of individual needs and goals with those of the organisation and helps align both with the environment in which they operate.
Phillip Jackson B.Juris,LLB,MBA, FAICD
Resource Industry Lawyer
Western Australian Company Director

Robert Gordon has a unique ability to motivate staff with compelling reasons for positively modifying their behaviour. In response to his presentation our leaders are now far more focused on activities that add value to the business than ever before. Armed with these strategies, Robert demonstrated to everyone that the only thing that prevents us manifesting success is self-belief...there are no excuses.
Frank Arangio
National Sales Director
Swan Brewery Company Pty Ltd. - Lion Nathan

It's my belief that there is a great opportunity for people in the IT industry to benefit from this type of training that deals directly with relationship to complement the technical training and the pressures of the modern work environment. I look forward to participating in more of Mr Gordon's programs in the future.
Calven Luo
Director Beijing Software Industry Association Beijing China

Robert Gordon has developed powerful consultancy that encompass a broad range of knowledge with practical references. I have utilised a range of training programs with Robert that have been of enormous value to the development of my team and to me personally. This has given me and my team insights and the ability to take actions in our fast paced and ever changing environment that keep the team winning, despite the challenges. I highly recommend Robert's programs for business and personal purposes that will enhance performance and power.
Peter Parolo 
Manager Finance and Administration
WA Dept of Water Resources

When you leave a Rob Gordon consulting session you know that you have not wasted your time. His ability to get messages through in a clear, concise yet effective way is astounding. Our organisation will certainly be inviting him back. 
Steve Wright
State Manager WA
The Professionals Real Estate

In the rapidly growing Brasilian corporate economy, Managing Time is no longer desirable ... its an imperative! Robert Gordon, an international Corporate Trainer based in Australia, presented a 3 hour Time Management training to staff at AmCham in Curitiba.
The training was excellent. It exposed Self Management as the key competency and identified strategies to do less and accomplish more at work and at home.

Staff were very interested and motivated and AmCham have invited Robert back to tour Brasil to present a one-day training, combining the most effective components of Time Management, Stress Management and Problem Solving.
Marcelo Stamm Bernartt 
Membership Coordinator
AMCHAM Brasil - Curitiba


I first met Robert whilst attending an employer sponsored training course in Conflict Resolution. Having been in the business of managing large numbers of diverse people for over 20 years my willingness to attend the course was tinged with scepticism. Robert immediately grabbed my attention by the manner in which he identified with the individuals in the room, tailoring the program to meet their needs. It was impossible (even for a world-weary cynic like myself) not to become caught up in his enthusiasm for the subject matter and his boundless energy. 
In a market saturated with ‘conflict consultants’ I have no hesitation in recommending his professional skills. Experienced and incisive, he is peerless in his field.
John Alexander
Senior Project Manager
(Formerly Captain HMAS Westralia)

Thank you so much for presenting "Conflict Resolution" recently. Your professionalism and experience are much appreciated by both the participants and ETD-WA staff. As you will have noted from the Participant Feedback Sheets, all participants loved the program and were enthusiastic about your facilitation of it! Thanks again.
Denise Vassallo
Education, Training & Development Adviser
WA Department of Defence

Thank you for the excellent Conflict Resolution training you delivered at Leeuwin Barracks. The team from HMAS Westralia really enjoyed the day. As you can imagine, working at sea brings its own special interpersonal challenges and the techniques and procedures you presented will assist our team to meet those challenges much more effectively. Thanks again.
Anand Menon
Training Officer
HMAS Westralia


I wanted to thank you for the challenging, questioning presentation on EQ that you gave us at the end of last month.
I can honestly say that I have found the questions that you raised on the day and the insights that the program encouraged, forcing me to another level in my relationships at work and at home. I have followed up on 3 of the references you gave and continued with my development. It also compelled me to take ' a next step' at work that I had been putting off. I hope that you are able to meet and challenge more of my colleagues in the future.
Warm regards and thank you again,
Wendy Brierson
Senior Change Analyst
Retail Services. Bank of Western Australia

Robert Gordon has presented Emotional Intelligence/Mindfulness in a business context to the OB MBA unit at Curtin University Graduate School of Business for five years. He is our best guest presenter and makes a real impact on the students who utilise his mentoring and source material for their essays and oral presentations.  
The combination of scholarly research and extensive practitioner expertise is particularly potent for today’s young university people, who with their technological skill are a very savvy audience.
He invariably rates 9 or 9.5/10 with the comments often calling his talk “transformational”. A highly educated, mature and very diverse university postgraduate course audience is probably one of the more challenging situations for guest speakers.  Robert handles this challenge with ease, grace, humour and erudition. 
Maureen Boland
Industry Teaching Associate
Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB) Curtin University
Murray Street Perth WA 6000

A.BRAIN Consulting is one of the most successful training-and-development service providers in the modern Chinese economy. The content and delivery of your corporate coaching is excellent and is very much in demand in China. A.BRAIN is very excited to collaborate in making their programs more available to our clients in China.
Amy Wang General Manager
A. BRAIN Management Consultants Co. Ltd.,
Shanghai, China

One impressive aspect of this consulting is that it doesn't draw a line between work and home. The content addresses one of the most controversial topics in the workplace of the new Chinese millennium - how to balance work and home.
Guan Jingjun
Master of Counselling MBA
Kinghao Group Beijing China

We had a Self-Leadership presentation (by Robert) at Curtin the middle of September, by far the best verbally illustrated presentation I have ever attended. Just amazing.‬
Francisco Rojas
Student in Project Management at Curtin University‬

Robert is the foremost expert in mindfulness. He is one of the brightest, wisest and most intelligent consultants I ever know! His ability to analyse life from another perception and his capacity to give right-on-the-point advice is amazing. In a nutshell, Robert is impressive! ‬
Valerie Tripier
Human Resources Manager –
Indigo Hotels


Robert has been a regular speaker at the Better Boards Conference for several years. He always brings great energy and enthusiasm to his presentations, which are not only informative but also enjoyable. His presentations always push attendees to think about their current leadership challenges in new and unique ways. In their feedback many attendees regularly highlight the practical nature of Robert’s advice and insights.

Entrepreneur. Strategist. Creator. Design Think‬

I attended a presentation by Robert and was impressed with his knowledge and ability in presenting the theory and techniques of mindfulness. Not the easiest of subjects to introduce to a broad range of recipients but Robert's interactive presentation was effective and useful.‬‬

Robert Gordon recently presented a dynamic and enjoyable session on Conflict Resolution at our staff conference. The feedback from staff was extremely positive. Our staff found the information very useful and interesting. We would be happy to consider Robert for future staff training needs.
Angie Paskevicius
Chief Executive Officer
Therapy Focus Inc.

Thank you very much for providing our conference with another one of your brilliant presentations. For the third year in a row, feedback regarding your information and the way you present, has been excellent. Thank you very much.
Steve Elvidge
Conference Coordinator.

President of the WA Municipal Rangers Association
We received fantastic feedback regarding your presentation, “Dealing with Damn Difficult Colleagues and Clients” at our 2016 WA State Conference.
Many Thanks.
Kerrin Simmonds 
General Manager
WA Institute of Public Accountants

At our annual Conference in Genting Highlands, Robert’s ability to inspire, motivate and capture the hearts and minds of the group was remarkable. We had countless people comment on his enthusiasm, energy and the dynamics of his presentation. Our delegates found his presentation to be inspirational and the knowledge and information we have gained in just a few hours is priceless.
Woo Man Loong.
Assistant Vice President Training and Education
Dept MAA Insurance Malaysia

Thank you for speaking at the annual conference of the Western Australian branch of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia.   Your insight into the way the human mind works when dealing with change is tremendous.  Being able to portray this in easy to understand language is quite an art. It created quiet a lot of informal discussion afterwards. Your presentation was very well received and will be beneficial to productivity both at home and in the work place. We look forward to booking you for next years conference.

Andrew Weinert  
Speaker program co-ordinator
DIAA (Western Australian Branch)   
Manager Regional Food Industry Development
Department of Agriculture and Food
Western Australia

Focal Point Management Consultants has been in the business of providing training services to financial services companies in Malaysia since 2001. We were fortunate to work in concert with Mr Robert Gordon of Australia for a conference that registered 1800 delegates on June 13-15, 2008.

Robert exemplifies a true professional before, during and after the conference. Robert is able to draw from his vast life and professional experience to engage his audience. His presentations on Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Personal Breakthrough were exceptionally well received by fresh insurance advisors and also senior managers.
We are certain to work with Robert again for future assignments.
Khor HH
CEO Focal Point Management
KL Malaysia

"Most of the cultural diversity we hear about is still limited to multicultural community groups. It is time to think beyond that. For example, we need to have comprehensive 10-year programs in place that can develop the emerging generation of professional indigenous adults so that they can make a contribution in the mainstream board space."
~ Robert Gordon, AICD Company Director Monthly, Sept 2014 – Putting the Board under the Microscope

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