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Robert Gordon MCoun GAICD CCG (INSEAD)
Director of Programs at Board Accord

Robert Gordon is the CEO of Australian-based consultancy, Board Accord, with reach across Australia into NZ and Asia.He has two decades experience consulting, coaching and mentoring in the C Suite and the Boardroom.

He was invited by IBM and JP Morgan to introduce the discourse on Workplace Stress and Resilience into the modern Chinese Corporate economy, in 2004, presenting to senior executives in China, HK and Taiwan.

Over the last six years he has facilitated numerous board, chair, CEO and management reviews. His clients include listed companies, not-for-profit organisations, ports, government instrumentalities, indigenous organisations and trusts, co-operatives and sporting organisations.


He presents topics on Boardroom Performance and Dynamics at conferences and universities and is regularly referenced in journals


Board Accord empowers boards to negotiate global Volatility, Complexity, Uncertainty, Disruption and Compliance

  • Board, Chair, CEO and Executive Team Reviews

  • Director coaching

  • Director and Executive PD Sessions

  • Presentations at Conferences and Universities

  • Director Placement Considerations 

Can management and shareholders say, without hesitation, how their board delivers value?



Forensic Assesment and Skillful Consultancy


Directors are invariably appointed for their hard skill sets and rarely is EQ considered in the selection process. There is now voluminous research on Cognitive Bias, Argumentative Theory, Developmental Theory, Boardroom Typologies, EQ and Boardroom Culture and Dynamics. 


Board Accord has pioneered the application of Integral and Developmental Theory to the Board Space, enabling participants to appreciate a 360* perspective of the entire operation and at the same time the ability to interrogate any single aspect of its operation. 

One 30 Minute Online Metric

An anonymous, online, self and peer assessment, profiling individuals and teams

Informs an authentic conversation around organisational enablers – leadership, people, partnership and process. 


1. Our board is very effective – why would we spend time and money to review its performance?

2. Our board has a difficult issue. What difficult boardroom scenarios can Board Accord redress?

3. What were the drivers to establish Board Accord?

4. Why are “profit, people and planet” configured as boardroom outcomes?

5. Does Board Accord’s focus on ‘dynamic’ overlook process, governance and financials?


I must thank you again for the two days consulting. We learnt so much and already putting into practice both at work and at home. All our leaders benefitted so much from the training.

Sala Mataikabara-Vuiyasawa

Pacific Plan Office  - Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat 

Suva Fiji Islands.

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Robert Gordon

Phone: + 61 405 541 510     Email: robert@boardaccord.com.au

  • Robert Gordon LinkedIn profile page

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