Professional and Personal Development - Overview


“Boards stand unarmed to enter the battlefield of future business creation in a disrupted world”


- Deloitte Global Board Survey April 2016 -


All of Board Accord’s engagements are conducted within a Personal and Professional Development Framework to maximize capacity and capability.

Every client engagement is considered to be a potential learning opportunity for both the client and the consultant.


The three pillars of Board Accord’s activity are designed to develop the participants, personally and professionally.


1. Board, Chair, Executive and CEO reviews

2. Presentations –

  • Breakfast or lunch presentation (1 hour)

  • Conference Presentation  (1 hour)

  • Master Class (half day)

3. Coaching and mentoring engagements


They are all facilitated with a view to empowering clients to maximise human ‘operating systems’ to ‘Govern’ effectively by 

  • Minimising cognitive and emotional bias

  • Behaving strategically

  • Collaborating successfully and

  • Delivering outstanding outcomes

The intention is to optimise leadership ability to bridge the VUCAD Complexity Gap (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity and Disruption) to -

  • Comprehend complex systems and conflicting multi-stakeholder perspectives

  • Engage in emergent organizing

  • Demonstrate emotional awareness and

  • Adapt as fast as change itself


The topics presented below privilege the most outstanding issues in the Board and Executive Space and routinely stimulate valuable reflection and conversation when delivered to director and executive cohorts.


  1. Boardroom Evaluation – if not, why not?

  2. Dealing with Damn Difficult Directors

  3. The Resilient Director and Board - How to manage Stress and drive Success.

  4. How might Boards disrupt the Disruption - Disruptive Due Diligence

  5. The Emotionally Intelligent Director

  6. Chair and CEO – when Purpose and Passion collide – Game on!

  7. Mindfulness in the Corporation – another management fad or the real thing?

  8. Strategic Planning – Translating Vision into Value

  9. Communication Capability – the Source Code of Boardroom Success


Board Accord works across different jurisdictions and corporate domains and is continually expanding its reach theoretically and geographically and topics are added to this list from time to time.

Don’t hesitate to contact Board Accord to enquire about a board review, a presentation to your board, organisation or conference event.


Robert Gordon has a unique ability to motivate staff with compelling reasons for positively modifying their behaviour. In response to his presentation our leaders are now far more focused on activities that add value to the business than ever before. Armed with these strategies, Robert demonstrated to everyone that the only thing that prevents us manifesting success is self-belief...there are no excuses.

Frank Arangio
National Sales Director
Swan Brewery Company Pty Ltd. - Lion Nathan

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