Communication Capability –

the Source Code of Boardroom Success


"Knowing others and knowing oneself, in one hundred battles - no danger.  Not knowing the other and knowing oneself - one victory for one loss.  Not knowing the other and not knowing oneself - in every battle certain defeat." 
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War  

Brief summary


Many of today’s directors belong to a demographic that was not formally schooled in communication skills or Emotional Intelligence. They have learnt in in the cut and thrust of performing their roles.


Some far more successfully than others. Communicative literacy is possibly the single most important competency required to successfully negotiate work and life. Not a single objective can be accomplished in the boardroom 9or at home) without the active and enthusiastic co-operation of every director. 


Communication capability determines whether we unite or conflict, co operate or compete.

Key ideas covered

  • This Presentation encompasses conflict resolution, dealing-with-difficult- behaviour and negotiation skills and will be facilitated around the issues or dynamics at play in that boardroom. 

  • All aspects of world’s best practice will be canvassed, as well as some quintessential, practical, but lesser known strategies to free the individual from the distress of ineffective interpersonal transactions.

Key objectives - the participants will get


  • Greater insight and awareness of communication capability

  • The most important communication skills associated with managing, Time, Energy and Re$ources

  • The most important communication skill in managing people

  • The most important negotiation skill

  • Appreciation of Cognitive Bias and how it distorts reality and connection with others

  • How Trust determines disclosure and impacts relationships

  • The key communication competencies for leading teams

  • Stress, cognition and communication


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I first met Robert whilst attending an employer sponsored training course in Conflict Resolution. Having been in the business of managing large numbers of diverse people for over 20 years my willingness to attend the course was tinged with scepticism. Robert immediately grabbed my attention by the manner in which he identified with the individuals in the room, tailoring the program to meet their needs. It was impossible (even for a world-weary cynic like myself) not to become caught up in his enthusiasm for the subject matter and his boundless energy.  In a market saturated with ‘conflict consultants’ I have no hesitation in recommending his professional skills. Experienced and incisive, he is peerless in his field.

John Alexander Senior Project Manager (Formerly Captain HMAS Westralia)

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