The Board Accord Review protocol has four Pillars –

  1. A customised online assessment task

  2. One on one interviews with participants

  3. A written report summarizing the data and identifying issues to consider

  4. A comprehensive 90 minute board debrief within a professional Development framework

The forensic assessment tasks reveal organisational strengths and the pockets of challenge/opportunity. The Audits ask the questions and the ensuing consulting collaboration erodes the personal and organisational blind spots that prevent people realising commercial and social capital.

BA are collaborators with the client and value the relationship as much as the assessment tools.

Simplified but not simple

Ample research suggests that leaders don’t want to be bogged down in ‘analysis paralysis’ - today’s directors, Chairs and CEOs want simpler diagnostics and solutions to complex issues.

  1. Our online assessment task is user-friendly, comprehensive in data retrieval and promotes strategic conversations that remove obstacles to achieving outcomes. The online assessment tasks allow participants to add anonymous comments to qualify their scoring

  2. A unique sociometric algorithm, a network analysis, measures and maps team dynamics and alignment. 




The Graphs signify at a glance how an individual or team is travelling on any particular parameter.


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Robert Gordon has a unique ability to motivate staff with compelling reasons for positively modifying their behaviour. In response to his presentation our leaders are now far more focused on activities that add value to the business than ever before. Armed with these strategies, Robert demonstrated to everyone that the only thing that prevents us manifesting success is self-belief...there are no excuses.

Frank Arangio
National Sales Director
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