Strategic Planning – translating vision into value


‘Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works’ 


– Steve Jobs 

Brief summary


Strategic planning is the process of realising the organisation’s raison d’etre and making decisions on where to allocate time, energy and resources. It translates the values of the organization and asks, “Who, What, Why, When and How do we do what we do?


" Simply stated, strategic planning is how the choices are made, to create the future that all the stakeholders would love to see.

Surveys consistently reveal that directors rate Strategy as one of their highest priorities but they also consistently report a high level of dissatisfaction with the amount of time and energy devoted to strategy formulation and oversight.

This Presentation will involve think-tank activities that ask and answer the questions and map the way forward with achievable, believable, doable and accountable actions, along a time line to govern Strategy.

Key ideas covered

  • Strategy and Risk – two sides of one coin.

  • Strategy is the Board’s GPS system - A tool that tells you where you are, where you want to go, and the possible ways to reach that destination. In today’s VUCAD environment its an ongoing discussion and calibration

Key objectives - the participants will get


  • How to educate self and others and get the right team

  • How to articulate and cascade across every level of the organisation

  • How to get CEO and Executive team reading off the same page as the board.

  • How to set, measure and monitor reasonable benchmarks.

  • How to couple Strategy and Risk - Every business model, business strategy, and business decision involves Risk.

  • How an externally-led board review can support Strategy and Risk accountability

  • How diversity and culture and demographics impact Strategy.

  • Short and Long Term Strategy

  • Asking the right questions and engage in fruitful conversations

  • Get Stakeholder endorsement for the Strategic Plan.


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