Integral Leadership and Developmental Theory -

The Competencies to manage Complexity


"Most leaders are unable to recognize, let alone change, the structural habits of attention used in their organizations."

C. Otto Scharmer MIT and founding chair of ELIAS

(Emerging Leaders Innovate Across Sectors),

Brief summary

To thrive in an organization in the 21st century marketplace requires unprecedented leadership capacity and delivery. Large population studies in the USA suggest approximately 5% of leaders operate without the mental and emotional capacity needed to manage complex, systemic change and reliably generate organizational transformation.


This presentation will examine how this 5% have developed such significant capacities and why they are more likely to succeed. It will also consider how leadership discourse is now Integrally informed and how that enables Leaders to lead organisations successfully


The promise of Integral Leadership is to know when, where, and with whom a given leadership approach will reliably work (and when it will reliably fail). It is a synthesis and integration of 100 years of management and leadership theory and reveals how to accurately assess a given situation, the people involved, zero in on key motivational drivers and select the leadership model most likely to succeed.

Key Ideas Covered

  • Why conventional Leadership insights and models are only partial truths.

  • The Integral approach seeks to incorporate all the essential perspectives and leadership schools of thought into a unified, comprehensive, inclusive and empirically accurate framework.

  • Why it represents a new paradigm and tipping point in leadership capability

  • Integral Leadership is an approach specifically designed to solve complex problems.

  • Its possible to put Integral and Developmental Theory into action in the real working day world.


Key Objectives – What the audience will get out of it

  • A brief review of leadership theory and styles

  • A window into how Integral Leadership both transcends and includes all other leadership schools

  • Understanding of Behaviour Profiling in the context of Developmental Theory

  • Appreciation of the need for PD that develops participants horizontally (professionally) and vertically (personally)

  • Guided reflection on whether participants are leading effectively

  • Practical knowledge - How conference participants can embrace the practices and perspectives of Integral Leadership and Developmental Theory to generate exceptional personal and professional outcomes

  • Outline evidence-based and experiential practices that be undertaken by executives to accelerate personal Integral leadership capability

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